10 Films That Should Have Won the Best Picture Oscar!

This week I took my missus to see a re-run of Breakfast at Tiffany€™s (1961) as a Valentine€™s treat. As far as romance films go it€™s thoroughly engaging and exquisitely shot. Beautiful cinematography blends with exceptional casting and the whole film stands as a piece of sentimentality that even blokes can stomach. It€™s hard to believe then, that it was overlooked in the Best Picture Academy Award nominations back in 1962. Surely the stunning combination of all the cinematic elements was noteworthy enough to garner at least a nomination, right? Well, apparently not in this case€ This isn€™t the only time that the Academy has made a mistake either€ Below are ten films that were nominated, but lost out on winning the gong. Read on to discover the ten films that I believe should have won on their respective Oscar Night!

10. THE AVIATOR (2004)

Films that were directed by Martin Scorsese could have totally dominated this Top 10 €“ although, I have limited it to two that I feel passionately deserved the accolade€probably to your relief! €“ as the Academy has criminally overlooked this brilliant director€™s filmography on a number of occasions. Whilst Eastwood€™s winner, Million Dollar Baby (2004) was a very accomplished film, The Aviator combined exceptional performances from an all-star cast, beautiful cinematography, awe-inspiring special effects and a narrative that remained engaging throughout. Eastwood certainly pulled a gripping performance out of Hilary Swank (who deservedly won the Best Actress Award), but in comparison the more accomplished film is undoubtedly Scorsese€™s masterpiece on Hollywood€™s Golden Era and its key players. Going to be interesting to see how Chris Nolan plans to top it, if indeed his biopic begins production after The Dark Knight Rises.
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