10 Films That Totally Deserve Their 0% Rotten Tomatoes Rating

These movies are so bad that 0% seems more than a little generous...

A quick glance at box office figures suggest that critical reviews have increasingly little to do with a movie's chances of success. The cinematic exploits of Michael Bay, Roland Emmerich, Shawn Levy and others receive very little critical praise, but consistently do solid box office business. The simple reason for this is despite their many flaws, these directors provide a spectacle that audiences are willing to pay to see in theaters. They may not be universally loved, but they do have their merits. However, there are plenty of movies that are simply irredeemably awful. We've all sat through countless movies and wondered if the production team knew they were making something terrible, questioning just how these cinematic abominations managed to get funding in favor of the countless superior unproduced scripts that litter the desks of every studio in Hollywood. Some of these stinkers fall into the 'so bad they're actually kinda good' territory, but there are others that are much, much worse. This article will take a look at the worst of the worst, ten movies so bad that they currently boast a rating of 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. Movies that based on the aggregate score are deemed worse than Battlefield Earth, Batman & Robin, The Master of Disguise, Gigli and even the filmography of Uwe Boll. While those titles are hardly much to aspire to, the critical consensus has dictated that all of the entries on this list have failed to reach such giddy heights, so read on and see if you agree. Do you agree that these movies deserve their 0% rating? Do they have any redeeming qualities at all? Are there any other movies that you would have included? As always, sign off in the comments below.

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