10 Films To Watch On 4th Of July

Independence Day It's the Fourth of July! The anniversary of our nation's independence from Great Britain, meaning that we would never again have to concern ourselves with the happenings of the royal family (unless of course they're cute and are having a baby, but that's a special case). Your average everyday American might celebrate the holiday by spending time with family, having a few beers, maybe even lighting off a few only-legal-in-Texas fireworks. But if you're a film geek, chances are you'll spend the Fourth of July the same way you spend most of your free time - sitting in a dark room staring at a TV screen. That said, here are ten films that will allow you to access your patriotic feelings without any unnecessary socialization.

10. Field of Dreams

field Baseball is called America's pastime for a reason, you know. There's no better way to celebrate the sport of baseball than with probably the best work Kevin Costner's ever done. A farmer living in Iowa is out in his fields when he hears a mysterious voice telling him, "If you build it, they will come." Naturally, he takes this to mean that he should plow over his fields and build a baseball diamond, complete with professional lighting for night games. Even though they're so poor they're in danger of losing their farm and those crops are their only means of income and LOOK that's not the point. Although yeah, a bunch of famous dead baseball players show up and use the field, and apparently they're going to start charging money for people to come watch the ghosts play, the film really boils down to the father-son relationship. What's more American than a son who wants one last chance to play catch with his father?

Audrey Fox is an ex-film student, which means that she prefers to spend her days in the dark, watching movies and pondering the director's use of diegetic sound. She currently works as an entertainment writer, joyfully rambling about all things film and television related. Add her on Twitter at @audonamission and check out her film blog at 1001moviesandbeyond.com.