10 Films Unfairly Rated R

10. Changing Lanes

faRated R for language If you haven€™t seen Changing Lanes I recommend you do so (It€™s a hidden gem). For some context, Changing Lanes stars Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson playing a Law Attorney and Insurance Salesman respectively, on a literal vehicular collision course with one another. Without going into too much detail, they develop a rivalry between each other and begin tearing each other€™s lives apart through some morally reprehensible actions. It€™s a movie filled with relentless streaks of vengeance but certainly not deserving of an R rating. Changing Lanes got slapped with an R rating for a few F bombs and one small scene depicting an altercation with a telephone meeting some faces. It€™s true a slight amount of blood is displayed but nowhere near graphic enough to warrant an R rating. How does this get handed an R rating but a film far more graphic depicting fingers getting lopped off (True Grit 2010) get away with PG-13? Changing Lanes is just one of many examples of inconsistencies blatantly conspicuous within our glorious MPAA

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