10 Films Where Dead Bodies Were Main Characters

10. After.Life (2009)

After Life
Anchor Bay Entertainment

Are you looking for something equal parts moody and disconcerting? Then look no further than our #10 spot! In After.Life, Anna, played by Christina Ricci, is the victim of a terrible car accident which has sadly claimed her life. Or has it?

Awakening in a morgue where she can't move a single body part, she still manages to be fully aware as she listens to the mortician - played by a chilling Liam Neeson - tell her that he can speak with her because he has mystical powers and it's his job to guide people into accepting their doom.

But as he continues drugging her with what might be a sedative, the audience is left to wonder if she's actually dead or if he's only keeping her in a deathlike state as part of his morbid fascinations.

Is she a corpse still maintaining her awareness until she accepts her death and moves on? Or is she a still-barely-living victim caught by a killer? It's highly debatable, but this movie's immensely bleak ending - where her boyfriend, played by Justin Long, suffers the same fate - will be sure to leave you staring into the void and wondering where exactly life ends and death begins.

Speaking of which...


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