10 Films With Awesome Animated TV Shows You Forgot Existed

Who ever thought Godzilla would need an animated spin-off?

The Real Ghostbusters
Sony Pictures Television

I spent a lot of time in front of the TV as a child. Not so much to affect everlasting eye damage or anything like that, but you know, enough to the point where I have to acknowledge that animation left quite the impression. Thus, here I am. 20-years-old. Writing about cartoons in my spare time. Oh God.

Jokes aside, I love cartoons. Most straddle a line between innocuity and nuance, presenting a delicate balancing act in which yes, selling toys is an obvious intention, but also that engaging narratives are a priority. Some transcend the ostensible boundaries of the medium, while others strive for nothing more than nostalgic irreverence. Nowhere is this division more evident than in animated adaptions of movie blockbusters, which, apparently, seem to have been relegated to the annals of a cognitive diaspora, neglected by the masses except in low-res You Tube clips, far-flung forums, and the occasional comic-con callback.

Some of these weren't all that bad, surprisingly. Sure, they struggle to justify their existence (who asked for a Starship Troopers TV series?), but it’s not difficult to find a show that excelled in capturing the essence of their source material for younger audiences. Doing this whilst deviating from the more adult elements inherent in the cinematic sphere lends a dissonant quality to these creations, but they're by no means any less entertaining. In fact, they're actually quite charming; go figure.

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