10 Films You Didn't Watch (But Should)

You won't regret giving these movies a chance.

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Making a movie is challenging and requires lots of determination. Pre-production, principal photography, and post-production all present their own unique challenges. It's practically a miracle when a film is completed because of how many people and moving pieces are involved.

The biggest challenge, however, comes after a feature film has been completed: it needs to find an audience. Movies are constantly competing against each other for people's attention, so it's difficult to make a splash. Some stories are less marketable than others and some don't have A-list actors attached or enough money to allocate towards advertising. Problems like these have plagued countless productions over the history of cinema. Loads of films, for one reason or another, get skipped over by large crowds of people and never gain acclaim.

Many of the flicks that don't appeal to the masses simply don't have much to offer fans of cinema, but a small number of them are brilliant and tragically miss their chance at reaching people. The following 10 features are perfect examples of great movies that many people either haven't heard of or simply didn't think were worth watching.

So if you needed an excuse to check out some movies you've previously passed on, this is it. Grab some popcorn, sit down, and treat yourself to some wonderful films.

10. Florence Foster Jenkins (2016)

The Hunter
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Florence Foster Jenkins tells the story of a woman who has long loved music; it means everything to her. Unfortunately, she possesses very little musical ability. However, she has no clue how talentless she is because everyone that's close to her says she's marvelous.

Over time, Florence develops a working relationship with a young pianist who has difficulty dealing with her terrible voice, but they become friends anyway. Florence decides to share her work with more people, but when she performs for a wider audience she is poorly received. The people closest to Florence do their best to protect her and encourage her, but the truth is still painful.

The film is admittedly quite predictable, but the emotional journey it takes viewers on is undeniably worth it. Meryl Streep has a remarkable ability to elevate films that are otherwise forgettable. Her performance as Florence adds so much heart and passion to the movie and makes it one to remember. Beyond that, there are plenty of heartwarming moments that are guaranteed to make people smile. Additionally, some scenes might cause waterworks because of the disappointment Florence faces.

All in all, it's a very human story that remains engaging throughout and is sure to make an emotional impact on those who watch.


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