10 Films You Loved As A Teen, But Should Never Watch Again

Adolescent movie taste is a strange thing that's best left untouched.

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The period between the ages of 10 and 14 is a strange and awkward one. It was probably the least open-minded time of your life; a time when your childlike curiosity had sizzled away in a sea of confused young sexuality and self-consciousness, but was yet to be replaced by 'big person' traits like ambition, respect, and good taste.

It's during this period that you're likely to have watched and enjoyed some films that you look back on and wonder what was going through your mind at the time (Answer: Puberty). Whether it's comedy sequels that relied on regurgitated gags, or teen dramas that you thought had a really profound message about deep stuff that adults couldn't possibly understand, there are some films that just shouldn't be watched again.

Now, I'm not here to shatter your fond memories of films you loved as an adolescent (ok, maybe some of them). I'm here to tell you that the following films are best left tucked away in your memories of teenagehood , because if you go back and rewatch them, you might feel a bit embarrassed for ever having enjoyed them in the first place.

10. American Pie 2

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The first American Pie film, while by no means a comedic masterclass, was a landmark moment in film. It updated the sexually frustrated high-school comedy for the 21st Century, and had enough iconic lines, scenes and characters to cement itself as a classic.

The sequel, on the other hand, was essentially the first of many bile-filled regurgitations of the American Pie formula. It did nothing new, bundling all the characters into a single location (a lakeside beach house, of course) in a 'here we go again' way. There's Finch trying it on with Stifler's mom again, there are the MILF guys again and oh look, Stifler's ADHD antics have been cranked up to 11...

But this kind of repetition is exactly what an adolescent you wanted. Your thinking wasn't "Urgh, this is just a cheap repetition of a no-longer fresh formula", but "Awesome. It's just like the first one, but even more stupid! And possibly with more outrageous/sexy scenes!"

This teen mindset kept many of us hooked up to American Wedding, after which our burgeoning wisdom made us realise - too late - that there was nothing worth seeing since the original film.


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