10 Films You Only Ever Remember Seeing The Trailer For

Why did these films flop after being hyped up so much?

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Many films of different genres dominate the box office every year: from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to horror to Disney animations. Audiences first get excited for these movies as they encounter the trailers - short, jumpy action sequences set to high intense beats of music that will hype up anyone to be first in line to buy a ticket.

However, sometimes when these trailers are released, this is as far as the movies go with audiences. Viewers may one day be scrolling through a streaming service years later and find that movie they remember from years ago, never recalling its initial cinema release.

Where did these films go and why did they not do as well as the popular trailers everyone remembered? Particularly in the 21st century, cinema goers and movie lovers are looking for unique storytelling, scarier moments and action packed narratives. But for many directors, the mark is missed entirely and their films are disregarded as being inconsequential no matter how many big names they attempt to waste their budget on.

Here is a list of just 10 of those movies you'll definitely remember seeing the trailer for, but never the film that came after.

10. Terminator: Dark Fate

In October of last year, the latest instalment reboot of the Terminator franchise was released. Dark Fate was the sixth movie in the long running series, and a direct sequel to Judgement Day, and saw many stars returning for their famous roles such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton. Director James Cameron also returned once again as producer.

Cinema goers will remember the movie trailer everywhere they looked, dominating all screens to get the highest possible hype for the new movie. However, this did not translate into sales when it was finally released.

Although the film received high critic responses compared to the last few films in the franchise, the overall box office revenue was lower than average and performed last in the list of all six films. For many fans, the series had seemingly gone on far enough, with the hype long dead after the flopped movies that came before. Nobody was interested in seeing the elements revisited yet again.

The movie was also released at the same time as Joker, which dominated cinema seats at the time. It lost over 100 million dollars overall for the film production studios involved.


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