10 Final End Credit Movie Mistakes You Never Noticed

These ridiculous screw-ups made it into the end credits.

Changeling Credits

Mistakes are just a part of life, and they're certainly part of even the most meticulously assembled movie.

Films are such complex beasts to create, with hundreds or even thousands of people working in tandem, that mistakes are absolutely impossible to avoid.

And while we all love laughing at a ridiculous continuity error or visible crew member in a shot, what about movies which saved some mistakes for the end credits?

Let's be honest - most of us don't sit around and watch most movies' credits, at least in their entirety.

They can be a bit boring and we've all got other things we can be doing. And it's probably just as well, considering some of the silly gaffes that made it into these end credits sequences.

From something as simple as mis-spelling an actress' name to making major factual screw-ups, these end credit movie mistakes nevertheless passed most viewers by, as is surely a relief to whoever was in charge of putting them together.

Do they break the movie? Absolutely not, but they nevertheless demonstrate how every aspect of filmmaking, even something as basic as the damn end credits, can suffer from a lack of due diligence...

10. Visible Camera Tracks - Speed

Changeling Credits

Speed is one of the most exhilarating action movies of all time, such that you'd absolutely be forgiven for missing a glaring mistake hidden in plain sight right at the start of its end credits.

As Jack (Keanu Reeves) and Annie (Sandra Bullock) make it to safety and the movie ends, we slowly pan out to survey the aftermath of the train derailment on Hollywood Boulevard. If you keep your eye on the left-hand side of the screen, you'll notice something mildly immersion-breaking.

As clear as day, we can see a dolly track laid on the floor, which is especially interesting as the scene doesn't actually contain any shots which would seem to require use of a dolly. Perhaps said footage wound up on the cutting room floor.


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