10 Forgotten Remote Outpost Horror Movie Gems

These films will make you never want to be alone ever again.

Outland 1981
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Is there anything more frightening than being alone? Stranded in some desolate place with no chance of reaching the outside world? Where this isn't even an old jigsaw puzzle somewhere to pass the time? 

Horror has made great use of this fear over the years, with plenty of movies trapping their characters in locations where they can't get out, leaving them with no choice but to face the terrors that lie within. As a result, there are many memorable remote locations in horror history - "outposts" if you will. 

These are different from your typical haunted house malarkies in the sense that they play up their isolation as part of the story. Being stuck in the middle of nowhere is just as frightening as any murderer or monster that the characters might encounter, adding endless new possibilities for thrills and chills. 

The following films are set all over the place, from countryside villages to the wild west to deepest, darkest space, but they all have one thing in common - they feature locations that nobody would ever want to go on vacation to. 

10. Calibre

Outland 1981

If you work for the Scottish tourism board, then look away now, because 2018’s Calibre does not paint your country in a good light.

Directed by Matt Palmer, this Netflix movie stars Jack Lowden and Martin McCann as two men who travel to the remote Scottish Highlands to do a spot of hunting. Unfortunately, they end up mixing with the wrong sort after an evening in the pub brings them into contact with a local cult. 

After a series of misfortunes strike our heroes, they resolve to sneak out of the small village they are staying in without the cult noticing. This proves to be much easier said than done. 

Calibre works so well because of how assuming its setting is. To the untrained eye, it’s a nice, quiet settlement in a beautiful part of the Scottish countryside, somewhere you might realistically go for a weekend break. It is these same idyllic qualities that doom the film’s protagonists, as once they’re there, they have nowhere else to go. 

It’s also worth watching for a great performance of the cult leader by Tony Curran, AKA Vincent Van Gogh in that episode of Doctor Who.

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