10 Funny Films With Shockingly Dark Moments

Attempted murder is, like, SO hilarious.

A lot of great comedy pushes boundaries and finds humour in otherwise dark situations. The old saying that "comedy is tragedy plus time" is a pretty fair assessment. After all, if we, as humans, can't laugh at the bad stuff then how the hell are we supposed to get through it? Wasn't that the idea behind Donald Trump's S.N.L. appearance? And actually, hell, isn't "trying to laugh at the bad stuff" a fair description of Trump's entire career? But the following films aren't black comedies or dramas with a few comic moments. They are lighthearted entertainment (mostly targeted at families) that suddenly go in extremely WTF directions. Some of them seem off from the first time you see them and some only get truly horrific in retrospect. Here are 10 movie scenes that made us sit up and say "Wait a second...I don't think I'm supposed to laugh at this".

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