10 Geekiest DVD Commentaries Every Film Fan Must Listen To

10. Angry Critics & Gushing Philosophers Dissect The Matrix Trilogy

Matrix Reloaded

The stupidly comprehensive Matrix Trilogy Blu-ray set includes two commentary tracks for each of the films, yet rather than throw the ball over to the Wachowski's themselves, they opted to let two renowned philosophers (Dr. Cornel West and KenWilber) discuss every intricate fiber of its philosophical content, and on the other track, three critics who don't seem too fond of the last two films especially(ex-Variety man Todd McCarthy, along withJohn Powers and David Thomson).

What's great here is the contrast between the two commentaries; the philosophers give an idiot's guide to the film's various messages and meanings hidden throughout and within its subtext, whereas the critics tend to take a more literal route, lauding and critiquing the various technical and narrative aspects of the movie.

If you're a big fan of this world as a whole, they cannot be missed.


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