10 Genius Ways Movies Made You Rewatch Them

These films found brilliantly clever ways to ensure you rewatched them.

Scream VI Ghostface

There are so many movies out there begging to be watched that, of the perhaps thousands of films you might watch in your lifetime, how many of them are you actually going to revisit more than once? There just isn't enough time in a day.

We all have our faves that we can watch again and again of course, but there are also some ingenious ways that filmmakers have encouraged audiences to rewatch their work. Being merely "good," these films all had some nifty tricks up their sleeve to heighten audience engagement and perhaps even make a repeat viewing feel totally necessary.

From offering up mind-melting plot twists to sneaking secrets in the background of the frame, unexpectedly predicting the future, and everything else in between, the following movies all found incredible ways to ensure that a large portion of the audience came back for seconds. Hell, perhaps even thirds, fourths, and fifths too.

Getting viewers en masse to sit through a movie once is enough of an ask in and of itself, but these films all cracked the code on guaranteeing that people would want to experience it all over again...

10. To Watch With Knowledge Of The Twist - Fight Club/The Usual Suspects/The Sixth Sense

Scream VI Ghostface

This goes for basically any movie with a shockingly entertaining twist, because if a film manages to bamboozle audiences with an all-timer rug-pull, it's pretty much required viewing to quickly watch the picture again with the full context of its story.

Take Fight Club. Watching it with the prior knowledge of who Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) is, completely changes the experience in a totally fascinating way. Similarly, knowing what's coming in The Usual Suspects or The Sixth Sense forces you to engage with the movie in entirely different terms.

Though some lesser "twist movies" don't offer up much reason for a second viewing - especially if the twist feels tacked-on or strains the bounds of the narrative's credibility - the better ones become practically transformative the next time you watch them.

On a repeat viewing, it often becomes clear how the big twist was basically hiding in plain sight, and the filmmakers might even be slyly winking at you about it the entire time.

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