10 Genuine On-Screen Acting Injuries You Probably Missed

Commitment should only go so far...

Commitment to a role is something to be applauded, but sometimes that commitment can do too far, as actors put themselves in harm's way to commit a more convincing performance to the screen. Injuries on set are nothing new - Shia Labeouf seems to collect them every time someone casts him in a movie that is probably beyond his range - but it is rarer to see the injuries actually preserved in the final edits. It might sound like a cheap pay-off, but genuine injuries have been included in movies in order to better sell the scene: they often lead to the best takes, as artifice goes out of the window when an actor is confronted with a stinging reminder of his own mortality. And it's not like they don't get paid more than enough to cover the health bills for a few bumps and bruises. The unfortunate souls in this list had their injuries preserved for everyone to see in the final cuts, proving categorically that some directors will go to any lengths for the perfect shot. Sometimes, the injuries are hilarious, other times they're affecting, but in every single case, the results actually do improve the scene, particularly because of the actors' reactions to their pain, and subsequent attempts to hide it.

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