10 Genuinely Terrifying Scenes Trapped In Terrible Horror Movies

9. The Darkness - Wrong Turn (2021)

Wrong Turn 2021
BVS Entertainment Inc

The most recent Wrong Turn instalment certainly had some decent ideas, but they didn’t quite coalesce into a truly amazing movie. Instead, the reboot shifted radically in a different direction from the admittedly stale original series, and brought with it a new, brutal tone.

While the flick as a whole might not be totally recommendable, this tone did result in some imaginatively gnarly kills and set-pieces. From characters being surprisingly and brutally impaled to last-minute twists, there are some cool ideas in here, but none quite as haunting as the fate our heroes are sentenced to by the villains.

The characters are sentenced to “darkness”, a terrible fate worse than death where they’re violently blinded and kicked into a pitch-black cave with other victims to live out the rest of their days. Though most of our protagonists escape this fate, we still see other people who have suffered it - transformed into more monster than man, devouring the flesh of anything they can get their hands on.

It’s awesome.


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