10 God-Awful Scenes In Otherwise Perfect Movies

Those classics and much-loved movies with one particular lowlight.

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Nothing in this crazy thing called life is perfect.

But when it comes to the worlds and stories thrown onto the big-screen, there have been those few movies that have come very darn close to that sought-after perfection.

Even some of the greatest features ever to grace theatres have found themselves just coming up short of being 100% flawless, with the odd moment of dodgy CGI or one particularly weird narrative detour unfortunately leaving them with one god-awful blemish on an otherwise immaculate film.

Again, these brief faults didn't manage to derail the whole experience of watching these unquestionably brilliant pictures, and haven't stopped fans going back to relive the entire tale on more than a few occasions over the years.

Yet, there's still no arguing with the fact that each and every one of these dreadful cinema moments left an unwanted sour taste in fans' mouths mid-way through what was otherwise a rather sweet and near-perfect affair.

So, from some of the worst fights the gangster genre has ever seen, to the sort of digital effects that leave you giggling for all the wrong reasons, these are those truly horrendous film scenes that popped up in some of the greats.

10. De Niro's Fight Scene Doesn't Turn Back The Clock - The Irishman

Harry Potter Voldemort

The de-ageing technology on show throughout Martin Scorsese's 2019 gangster epic The Irishman is up there with some of the best the movie industry has unleashed to date.

However, for every utterly convincing moment of Robert De Niro and co. seemingly being chucked into a time machine while the cameras were rolling, there were those few beats where all the tech in the world couldn't paper over the fact that these were all stars very much in their seventies.

Specifically, the jarring scene that sees De Niro's Frank Sheeran beat the crap out of a shopkeeper for shoving his daughter is enough to take anyone out of the gripping tale.

And while the quick beatdown had clearly been blocked in a way that wouldn't force the septuagenarian to overexert himself, the resulting awkward kicks, stomps, and attempts to stay balanced felt like the equivalent of watching your grandfather attempting to roll back the clock with a VR headset on.

The surreal pavement battering is soon forgot about and it's easy enough to slip right back into the modern classic. But few would argue with this being the absolute worst element of the 209-minute saga.


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