10 God-Awful Scenes In Otherwise Perfect Movies

8. That Greedo Moment - Star Wars - Episode IV: A New Hope

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Despite going on to spawn nine Skywalker Saga entries, a few spin-offs, and a seemingly never-ending stream of TV offerings, even the best of George Lucas' galaxy far, far away isn't entirely perfect.

1977's first Star Wars adventure typically and deservedly ranks somewhere in most fans' Top Three Force-sensitive tales, for example. But even that much adored and fondly remembered first trip to the lands of Tatooine boasted the odd misfire - literally, in this case.

After initially deciding that Han Solo would defensively shoot first during his tense meeting with Greedo in Mos Eisley's Cantina, Lucas suddenly had a change of heart and attempted to re-jig the scene so that the smuggler's actions seemed like more a reaction to a shot fired from the alien's blaster.

The end result was... weird.

And while not everyone is the biggest fan of Lucas' tinkering with the likes of A New Hope and the rest of the Original Trilogy, many of his additions did actually enhance the classic adventures - adding much more depth and life to the background of Mos Eisley, for example.

In the case of his Greedo meddling, though, few can defend Lucas' actions. And this clunky piece of editing has since become an unwanted piece of Star Wars history.


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