10 Good Movies That Could've Been Great (With One Simple Fix)

Greatness awaits.

There are few things more frustrating than watching a terrific movie that gets just one specific element wrong, such that it ultimately sours the entire experience, downgrading a potentially great movie to merely a good one.

And while a good movie is certainly nothing to sniff at, when a film gets this close to genuine greatness only to fumble the ball in one distinct way, it's simply natural for it to leave viewers absolutely infuriated.

These 10 movies tripped themselves up in a number of baffling ways, be it serving up an over-extended finale, refusing to commit to their bolder ideas, pandering to mainstream audiences or simply chasing the gravy train of franchise filmmaking.

In each case, integrity and dramatic satisfaction were clearly within reach, but the writers, directors and producers opted to go in another direction entirely.

In some instances the (largely financial) results have spoken for themselves, while in others, the decision remains a thoroughly unjustified creative pratfall, and one that taints the film forever more...

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