10 Goriest Deaths In Movie History [VIDEO]

Time to get gruesome...

It€™s human nature to indulge in any extreme imagery that tickles our morbid curiosity - a fact that means death and violence have long been a fascination in the world of cinema. With the evolution of practical and special effects since the sixties, the twisted minds of many filmmakers have entered into an unofficial game of one-upmanship. Entire franchises (we€™re looking at you, €˜Saw€™) have seemingly spawned based on a model of out-goring themselves and pushing an audience to their 'look-away limit'.

Our exploration of gruesome imagination has even seen some genre€™s mould toward audience demand, as slasher movies gradually gave way to splatter movies and war films dropped the glossy heroism to become candid depictions of horror.

And while some gore-fests may have mind-blowing effects at release, they often become camp and €˜ketchupy€™ over time. If you are anything like us, though, you€™ll appreciate those gems that age like a corked wine and are served up with an irresistible wedge of cheese.

Whether taking a giant drill to the dome-piece, methodically dissecting their own anaesthetised body, or battling through asphyxiation by intestine (yes, that really is a thing), these 10 unfortunate souls have fallen foul of some of the most brutal and inventive splats ever to paint the big screen red. Hold onto your guts, folks, or you might just lose them.


Warning: Look away now if you don€™t like red. There€™s going to be a lot of red.

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