10 Goriest Film Scenes Ever

9. The Borderlands - Being Digested By A Pagan God

Borderlands Digestion Scene

The Borderlands is easily the most obscure entry on this list, not because it isn't a good horror film, but because it was filmed on a shoestring budget and gained little to no publicity. Filmed in the found footage style (we know, those two words can cause a lot of eye-rolling), The Borderlands is one of the more memorable films of its type to be released in recent years. Centering around the paranormal, the film sees a group of Vatican representatives sent to a remote village in the English countryside to investigate a supposed miracle that apparently took place in the village church.

Along with the Vatican representatives, a geeky, tech-savvy cameraman is hired to record the events that take place in the film (and also provides an alternative, atheistic view of religion), and what begins as a skeptical tale, soon devolves into an almost conspiracy-like story of sacrifice, torture and child cruelty. Questions that you begin to ask yourself about the true nature of what truly happened in the eerie church are cleverly diverted at every turn, and when the climactic scene finally presents itself, your reaction will be a mess of emotion.

Pagan gods are alluded to several times throughout the film, but when the last two remaining characters realise that one actually exists, it's far too late. As they descend into the bowels of the Earth and climb into increasingly claustrophobic tunnels, they realise they're not crawling through tunnels, but innards - queue the quite graphic scene of two hapless men being slowly digested into mulch.

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