10 Great (But Unexpected) Uses Of Music In Movies

9. Blue (Da Ba Dee) (Iron Man 3)

When Iron Man 3 starts and the usual Marvel logo appears on screen, followed by the flicking of pages of Marvel comics past, an unexpected musical accompaniment starts playing alongside it. That musical accompaniment is Eiffel 65's Blue (Da Ba Dee) - a 1999 eurodance hit that reached number one in various charts around the world, including the United Kingdom. Now, although Iron Man 3 opens in 1999 (which sort of makes the music make a bit of sense) it still immediately creates a completely different feel to the movie in comparison to any of the previous Marvel cinematic universe films. It is daring and it epitomises the film as a whole (what with the risky Mandarin plot, which we won't go in to for spoiler reasons) and puts Shane Black's stamp on the film from the off (we've been used to AC/DC in Iron Man movies thus far). And, weirdly enough, it works. The idea of being blue also mirrors Tony Stark's feelings in the present day, following on from the events of the Avengers, which affected him deeply, so it works on that level as well.

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