10 Great Dark Comedy Films You Haven't Seen

Humour so dark you couldn't see it.

Four Lions

The dark comedy genre has, in recent years, slammed its foot down hard on the pedal of popularity. With a society more understanding of the morally ambiguous amusement that can arise from dark situations, the film industry has been blessed with a surge of comedy films that gleefully indulge in the once-shunned realm of gallows humour.

However, despite the critical success of a lot of these movies, many fail to find an audience, and it’s not surprising when you consider the current scope of the film industry.

Moviegoers are offered a plethora of cinematic choice year after year, from safe family comedies and action packed spectacles, to every conceivable take on the horror genre. With these high concept crowd-pleasers drawing the attention of the vast majority of consumers, it’s easy to see why the niche genres tend to suffer at the box office - none more so than our macabre friend, dark comedy.

Sure, this wildly under-appreciated genre has churned out a host of adored cult classics, such as Fargo, In Bruges, Bad Santa and Fight Club, to name but a few, but for every hit there are ten hidden gems that sadly remain obscured and overlooked.

Just how many of these darkly humorous treasures have you experienced?

10. Big Nothing (2006)

Four Lions

“I think I made a big mistake…”

What happens when an inept duo hatch a plan to blackmail a perverted reverend in the hopes of making some petty cash? Answer: a surprise laden black comedy that’s sure to have you engaged, entertained, and elated, all in equal measure.

Director-writer Jean-Baptiste Andrea hasn’t had the most illustrious career so far, yet Big Nothing shines as a perfect example of what can be achieved with a relatively small budget and and a sharp witty script. Teetering on being a full-on farce, the dark twisting narrative solidifies this movie's rightful position on this list.

Simon Pegg and David Schwimmer are the perfect team to front this darkly comedic hidden gem, and fans of either should make sure to carve out some time to witness them in this crime-gone-wrong caper. Hell, even if you're not a fan, the movie is still worth every second of the 86 minutes it would take to watch. Promise.

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