10 Great Directors Who Keep Making Terrible Movies

The once-promising directors who can't stop propping up flop after flop...

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Sometimes, a great director simply can’t be convinced that their latest idea is a non-starter.

Generally, this phenomenon is quickly blamed on an outsized ego, an attribute which it’s assumed many directors suffer from. However whilst this can be the case, often times directors are simply handed the wrong project by studio and think they can make a dud work despite the warning signs.

So some of the directors listed here were over-ambitious and let their vision get the better of their common sense, resulting in some woeful films from talented filmmakers. Some, however, simply said yes to the wrong project assuming anything with a big budget and a recognizable franchise behind it was bound to turn out alright.

But whatever the cause, all of the ten directors listed here have one thing in common: they all showed some serious promise early on, only to somehow produce a string of shoddy films in the years since their debuts.

With that in mind, here are ten filmmakers who proved they had a great movie in them... then followed it up by proving they had a ton of bad ideas to share too.

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