10 Great Disney Movies You've Probably Never Heard Of

Some titles end up getting lost at sea.

Treasure Planet

As of this moment, Disney is the most significant creative corporation in the world. They own the majority of the franchises and studios that get the biggest box office receipts. They also make their own incredibly successful films that do well financially even if the critical receptions are low, and ultimately they dominate the medium. It feels like a long time since Disney was creating these charming little titles that felt so personal and loved.

With the number of productions the company has oversaw it is hardly a shock that plenty of worthy projects have since been swept under the rug. Whether that has been deliberately or merely a matter of time pushing them below the radar, these films are nevertheless truly remarkable and deserve to be remembered.

If you grew up watching these kinds of movies, then you will possibly recall some of these underrated classics. But ultimately this article is full of films that hardly anyone remembers despite the overwhelming amount of promise and potential that they had.

If you want to discover some wonderfully charming and loveable features that deserve to be brought back into the public consciousness, then you are in the right place.

10. Oliver & Company

Treasure Planet

Adapting well known classic stories in a different context is something that Disney has always done very well. But even when they achieve it to great success, it doesn't always get the recognition that it deserves. This fun film reconceptualises the classic Dickens tale of Oliver Twist. It debuted in 1988 and was a commercial success, but didn't get its video release until 1996.

We follow our adorable protagonist Oliver, a kitten who is lost and alone. He meets up with a collection of dogs who perform petty crime and works with them, eventually meeting a rich young girl named Jenny Foxworth. This event changes everything.

It isn't a direct adaptation of the classic tale but is designed to be inspired by it. This is great for the film as it delivers on its narrative without being restricted to what already exists. The animation is incredibly charming, and that is particularly seen in the character designs. They all achieve their intentions and look utterly adorable.

Unfortunately, people don't remember this film despite how successful it was.

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