10 Great Filmmakers Best Remembered For The Wrong Films

Are we discrediting some of cinema's best directors by forgetting their best movies?

Usually, cinema's true classics are the ones to last longest in the collective memory: Coppola has his Godfathers (the first two only), Hitchcock has his Vertigo, and Kurosawa has his Seven Samurai. And we do remember great directors for their "greatest films." Most of the time. There are some filmmakers, however, whose greatest works find less fame than some of their other movies. Often, it's for monetary reasons: financial flops, regardless of quality, have a tendency to get forgotten, while a filmmaker's most commercially successful film might end up being their best-remembered, regardless of quality. This list runs on the idea that a "wrong" film is not the best work of the filmmaker in question. Of course, quality is subjective - you may disagree with some or even all the entries on this list. But even if you find the "right" movies selected to be personally disagreeable, the following are, at the very least, still underrated among the general populace, and deserving of the chance to be appreciated on a wider scale. Here are 10 directors and the films they should be best remembered for...

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