10 Great Horror Movies Ruined By Their Twists

They almost had it and then...

There€™'s nothing quite like an effective movie twist. You'€™ve been sitting in the dark for hours, carefully following plot points, through-lines and character development only to be completely blindsided by the big reveal.

The movie seemed like it was telling one story, but there was this other thing going on the whole time! You can hardly wait to start it over and watch it again with your newfound knowledge. Were there clues? Are there plot holes? Time will tell!

Unfortunately, a tiny number of films have set the bar unreasonably high and have gotten viewers on the constant lookout for forthcoming twists. This has led to increasingly convoluted and nonsensical endings, all in the pursuit of that great €˜aha€™ moment where the audience gets the rug swept out from under them.

In the best-case scenario the twist is plausible but still unexpected, leaving the viewer satisfied as well as a bit mystified as to how they didn€™'t see it coming. The films on this list make up the other side of the spectrum.

A twist has been shoehorned into the movie, and the only reason it is surprising is because it is so flabbergastingly out of place. An almost great piece of cinema now leaves viewers feeling cheated and usually manages to destroy the goodwill the first three quarters of the film built up. For shame, bad twist.

This list contains spoilers, obviously.


Joe Sippy grew up in Chicago and now resides in Los Angeles. He enjoys corn dogs, rap music, and horror movies. On weekends you can find him in the ocean, surfing very poorly.