10 Great Horror Movies That Fall Apart At The End

From Scream sequels to indie one-shots, these horror movies all failed to stick the landing.

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Every horror fan has had that experience where they found themselves utterly enthralled by a movie. Before the credits have rolled, they are already eager to yell from the rooftops, telling everyone about their new favourite film.

But as the narrative is about to draw to a close, things begin to unravel. Rather than tying up the loose ends and devising a satisfying conclusion, there are some movies that totally bungled the endgame.

This issue is quite common in the realm of horror, since the genre tends to save its most shocking moments and biggest revelations for the third act. And no matter how well a slasher or creature feature starts, it may not be able to recover if the story concludes with a shoddily designed monster, ropey CGI, or a non-sensical twist.

These endings weren't just a letdown. They were so anti-climactic, hilariously rushed, or downright stupid, they almost ruined the entire movie experience.

Even though the horror films on this list were on the verge of greatness, each and every one of them somehow managed to fall apart by the end.

10. The Shallows

Last Night In Soho
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In The Shallows, med student, Nancy, is surfing in Mexico when a Great White takes a big chomp out of her leg. Knowing it's only a matter of time before succumbing to her injuries, Nancy desperately attempts to return to shore.

It's a bare-bones premise, but the creative and heart-pounding sequences are sure to keep viewers enraptured. While evading the toothy beast, Nancy seeks shelter on a whale carcass, creates rudimentary stitches for her wounds, and befriends a bird called Steven Seagull. (How has nobody made that joke before?) And since Nancy wanted to swim in this spot to honour her recently deceased mother, it makes her dilemma much more heartfelt.

Even though the fiendish fishy acts realistically at first, it turns into a cartoon character during the concluding act. At one point, it leaps into the air while letting out a defiant roar, despite the fact sharks don't have lungs. When it charges towards Nancy while on fire (yes, really), it's impossible to take it seriously.

Although the finale is meant to be epic, the poor CGI gives off major Sharknado vibes.

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