10 Great Movie Duos Who Reunited And Made Garbage

Righteous Kill? It's hardly Heat, is it?

Pacino DeNiro RIghteous Kill
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When you've already struck gold with something, it's inevitable that you'd try to do so again. Found two great complimentary ingredients? Make as many meals as possible out of them. Found two actors who really worked together on screen and pretty much sold their movie on their own charm? Do it again. And sometimes again and again and again.

But just as it would be foolish to expect anything to work out perfectly simply because of one element being right, sometimes the same ingredients end up creating something less than palatable. Sometimes actors who were once great together end up producing something tepid and distasteful when they're reunited. And it doesn't matter how massive their profiles - even the very best aren't immune...

10. Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan

Tom Hanks Meg Ryan Ithaca
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The Good: Joe Versus The Volcano, Sleepless In Seattle & You've Got Mail

The Bad: Ithaca

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan have enjoyed incredible - and very charming - screen chemistry together over the years, with the twin romantic classics of Sleepless In Seattle and You've Got Mail really representing the apex of their shared journey. But they were also great in their first movie together, Joe Versus The Volcano, which really set out how well they worked together.

Hanks' affable everyman spirit - even when playing a corporate pirate in You've Got Mail - bounced well off Ryan's more neurotic, chaotic characters and they appeared made for each other.

But then time wasn't really fair on Ryan, whose star faded as Hanks became even huger and even her attempt to capture some of the old magic with her directorial debut, Ithaca, which reunited the pair as husband and wife failed. Sadly, it's a dud and there's just not enough of their sparkle to redeem its glaring faults.


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