10 Great Movie Monsters Trapped In Awful Horror Movies

9. Dracula -- Blade: Trinity (2004)

Slender Man
New Line Cinema

What do you get when you cross Creed's Scott Stapp with one of the sexiest, deadliest monsters of all time. Drake, is what.

Primary antagonist of David S. Goyer's Blade: Trinity, the Marvel movie that Mahershala Ali, Ryan Reynolds and the MCU would rather audiences forgot, Drake (Dominic Purcell) is the early noughties answer to Dracula. Sporting all the neck jewellery and shirts that don't button higher than the navel, Drake parades around as a human by day (one of the perks of being the big guy), and turns all red and Satan-y by night, with a monolithic presence and Predator-style mouth.

The new, cool, modern Dracula was a great idea, especially as a counterpoint to the holier-than-thou daywalking vamp Blade, but Goyer and his DP Gabriel Beristain mishandle the character something rotten. Rather than striking fear into our hearts, Drake instead comes off as a bit tacky, especially when strutting around the city in soft lighting to a hip-hop beat. This is the least of the film's issues though, as a brash and unbearably camp tone drag it down to ground level, rounding out the trilogy with a flop.


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