10 Great Movie Villains That Deserve Their Own Halloween Costumes

Gary Oldman The Fifth Element

Jason Vorhees. Frankenstein's Monster. Darth Vader. Hannibal Lecter. Nurse Ratched. The Wicked Witch of the West.

What do all of them have in common, besides being iconic villains? Well, they€™ve also graduated to that most esteemed shelf of cinematic endurance; they became Halloween costumes. Not just dress-up for Cosplayers or fanboys and girls, but the kind of recognizable sights you€™d spot walking through the mall during Halloween or spot near the punchbowl at a party.

What sets a villain up for such esteemed flattery? Obviously there€™s the visual element; how good they look and how striking they are, as well as the question of how easy will it be to portray them. The Blob is probably a much trickier customer than Dracula when it comes to getting a costume together, and it€™s no surprise we haven€™t seen much of the amorphous one sliding down sidewalks with candy bag in tow (at least until Monsters Vs Aliens came along).

Then there€™s attitude and threat factor; if you€™ve already scratched the hero off your list, then the bad guy or gal you choose is going it need be terrifying or full of spirit. In the end though, not all villains are created equal in the hearts of moviegoers, and even ones well-loved might not make that jump to obvious costume choice.

In the spirit of the holiday, What Culture brings you ten villains who truly deserve the costume treatment, although real breakthrough into the hearts of party-goers and trick-or-treaters has so far eluded them.

Check out the contenders and list your favorite costume villain suggestions in the comments below€


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