10 Great Movies From First Time Directors

resevoir dogs ending Even great filmmakers often take a few movies to really get going. Directors like John Ford and Alfred Hitchcock worked for over a decade before making their first classics and even the most naturally gifted directors such as Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese took a few trial runs before they really got it together. Every once in a while though, through a combination of talent, hunger, and luck, a filmmaker will get it completely right on the first try. By virtue of being the first movies these directors made, each films shares a sense of purpose and contains passion, and energy that is often lacking in the films of more experienced directors. In addition, not only were these films good on their own terms, but many of them served as a springboard for the directors who made them, kicking off some of the most important careers in cinematic history. To qualify, obviously a movie had to have been the first full-length, narrative feature by the director, but they also must have been significant not only artistically but in terms of impact on film history and their place in the cinematic canon. These might not necessarily be the 10 "best" debut films ever made, but no other debut films have had more of an impact on the way aspiring filmmakers went about making their own movies...

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