10 Great Movies That Audiences Originally Hated

Some box office bombs and critical failures find success later in life.

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Hate is a strong word, but so is love. Audiences watch a movie and often fall in the middle of these two extremes and, generally speaking, most films that come out today attempt to land in that space. There's safety in playing to the middle, after all, but it's the ones that take the risk that live on in our hearts and minds.

Most filmmakers are not opposed to taking a risk and shooting high for the love of an audience. It's just that the trouble comes quickly after a negative review snowballs into general disdain. That doesn't mean it's permanent though and like phoenixes from the flames, some films get a second life after their initially poor reception or terrible box office performance.

Because, in the end, some movies are real growers...

10. Children Of Men

Warner Bros.

Children of Men is often called the best science fiction film of the 21st century. Some may disagree with that claim, but you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone today that genuinely thinks it's a bad movie.

The case was not so clear when Alfonso CuarĂ³n debuted this film back in 2006.

On release, the film didn't make back its money at the box office and it seemed that audiences simply were not interested in the story this director wanted to tell. That all changed with time on the back of positive critical reactions that recognised the value of the movie. It's just that it took some time for general moviegoers to catch on to this film's prowess.

Back then, Emmanuel Lubezki was not a household name, but now, cinematographers everywhere look to this film for guidance.


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