10 Great Movies That Scared You Without Showing Anything

Sometimes what you don't see is scarier than what you do.

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Skilled horror directors know exactly how to manipulate you, tapping into your deepest fears in subtle ways. Like magicians pulling into their bag of tricks, at any moment a filmmaker might utilise silence, loud noises, gross out imagery, or girls with long black hair crawling towards the camera.

All of these methods play on some primal fears, and none are more potent than the fear of the unknown. For this reason, what you don't see in a movie is often just as scary as what you do see. Even more memorable than a blood filled sequence of monsters attacking people can be a scene where eerie sounds are heard in the distance. Your brain is forced to fill in the gaps, and sometimes nothing is scarier than your own imagination.

That's the case with these 10 films. They don't scare you just with loud noises or buckets of blood. Instead, hey scare you by leaving almost everything off screen. In some cases, pretty much the entire film functions this way, while with others this is only true of the first half of the movie. But regardless of how long it lasts, they still manage to terrify you by not revealing anything at all. Prepare to be scared.


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