10 Great Movies With Terrible CGI

How did these films get away with CGI this bad?

Black panther

Until recently, computer-generated imagery was mainly used for movies that focus on action, fantasy, or super-heroics. But as cinema keeps evolving, so does the tools of the medium. In today's world, green-screen, motion-capture, and CGI are used more than ever. These visuals are also being implemented into every cinematic genre, whether it be rom-com, thriller, or drama.

What's interesting about this development is how you can usually tell if a movie is good or not purely based on the quality of the special effects. If the computer-generated imagery is unpolished, it's a sure sign the film isn't up to snuff.

But every now and again, a movie will come along that the whole world will fall in love with despite the fact the VFX aren't up to standard. Even though films like Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Black Panther, and Spider-Man are regarded as classics, the CGI isn't stellar.

You may love the movies on this list. Some may very well be among your favourite films of all time. But that doesn't change the fact that the CGI is absolutely terrible.

10. Deep Blue Sea

Black panther
Warner Bros.

In Deep Blue Sea, a group of marine explorers battle a school of super-intelligent sharks. Based on that storyline alone, you'd assume this will be a dumb B-movie in the same vein as Birdemic or Maximum Overdrive.

Even though Deep Blue Sea could've been trashy schlock, it's elevated by an excellent cast, including Samuel L. Jackson, LL Cool J, Stellan Skarsgard, and Thomas Jane. On top of that, it has some genuinely great jump-scares, including when Skarsgard's character gets his arm ripped off by a Great White.

But let's not forget what Deep Blue Sea is best remembered for. After Jackson's character gives an uplifting monologue, a shark comes out of nowhere and rips him to pieces. Because you genuinely don't see it coming, this moment is regarded as one of the best jump-scares in cinema.

That's why it's ironic how the film's defining moment happens to have the worst special effect. Not only does the computer-generated shark look like its composed of rubber, Jackson's CG counterpart looks hilariously unfinished and contorts its limbs like a rag doll rather than a human being.


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