10 Great Performances In Recent Horror Movies

A rundown of some excellent - somewhat overlooked - horror performances in recent movies.

Til Death
Screen Media Films

In the streaming age, there’s never been a better time to be a horror fan. With an absolute glut of choice at our fingertips, it can sometimes be difficult to sort the good from the bad. This becomes especially troublesome when platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime seem to flood their services with subpar offerings in the name of 'quantity over quality'.

In spite of this, the last couple of years has seen a variety of decent horror flicks hit our screens, both big and small. And whilst many of these films flew under the radar for many viewers it's worth taking a look back at the range on offer and examining what exactly made them worth watching in the context of this list: the performances.

That's because one thing that will always elevate even middling genre movies is a great performance. An excellent actor chewing the scenery or quietly stealing the show will always make for compelling viewing. What follows is a list of horror flicks - many of them overlooked - that are absolutely worth your time based on the performances alone.

10. Megan Fox - Til Death

Til Death
Screen Media Films

Hollywood seems to have largely forgotten about Megan Fox. Once a blockbuster mainstay her output has now begun to take the form of movies that mirror her own relative obscurity. Part murder mystery, part home invasion thriller, Til Death tells the story of a young woman handcuffed to her dead husband whilst two killers try to finish her off as part of a tense and brutal revenge plot.

The film dropped on Netflix in summer 2021 and even though it flew under the radar it was received well critically. One of the film’s main talking points was Fox herself who was described as being an engaging presence and a joy to watch.

This won’t be surprising to anyone who’s watched Jennifer’s Body, a film that was poorly received at the time but has since gone on to become a cult feminist hit. Here Fox also flexed her considerable horror movie muscles so her excellent performance in Til Death is pretty much on brand. Here’s hoping she continues to pop up in well made scary movies.


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