10 Great Sci-Fi Movies For The Modern Age

It's not all about going to space...

Under The Skin

It used to be when people thought of science fiction they thought of spaceships, aliens, Star Trek; if it's nerdy, stick it in the sci-fi bin and leave it to someone with the niche tastes required. But as we move further into a world reliant on tech, science is more and more a part of our daily lives, and the gap between fiction and reality closes.

It follows that this should be reflected in a medium that’s preoccupied with our lives on this planet, film. Sci-fi is becoming less confined to a genre and more of an aspect of our existence. Whether a film is a comedy or a horror or a romance, technology is becoming so ingrained in the way we relate to one another that it’s elemental to a modern reading of the human experience.

That’s not to say sci-fi in the modern era doesn’t still have it’s fair share of aliens and spaceships, but the good ones present this with realistic responses, explanations and repercussions.

10. A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place

Has silence ever been so exhilarating? The success of A Quiet Place lies in its commitment - you really aren’t going to hear a lot of dialogue in this taught 90 minute thriller.

Here sci-fi is more of a utilitarian element. The film needs an antagonist that will kill you at the drop of a pin from seemingly any distance, but can’t see a thing... Aliens? Sure, that’ll work.

This may be an extreme example, but like most good sci-fis today the actual science fiction part is mostly a means to an end to tell a larger story about humanity. The story here is one of family, survival and teamwork but the reason you need to see A Quiet Place is for its technical execution.

From the sound design to the pacing and the performances, A Quiet Place will have you locked in from the outset, not saying a word.


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