10 Great Zombie Horror Movies With A Lone Protagonist

Imagine facing the undead alone.

It Stains the Sands Red
Dark Sky Films

Everyone's got their own zombie survival plan.

Whether it involves barricading your home, venturing to the nearest supermarket, or popping down to a certain pub to wait for it all to blow over, we all think we have what it takes to survive.

But could we actually do it if we had to face the end of the world alone? That's up for debate.

Some zombie movie protagonists don't have the luxury of debate, because they have to take on the undead masses single-handedly. Some started out with friends or family by their side, but, through one reason or another, it came down to just them versus the world.

Before we get started, a quick disclaimer: it's almost impossible to find a single zombie film where the main character doesn't interact with anybody else. Nobody wants to make that film, and nobody wants to see that film.

So, while all of these heroes do have run-ins with other humans at certain points, they are always the main focus of the story, and are on their own for at least a portion of the narrative.

Got that? Good. Let's get going then.

10. The Last Man On Earth

It Stains the Sands Red

Vincent Price is still one of horror's most iconic faces, and that face is basically the only one you'll see if you decide to watch 1964's The Last Man on Earth.

As the title implies, Price plays the lone survivor of a zombie outbreak. Well, they're sort of a zombie/vampire mix. They move in a very zombie-ish manner, but they also can't stand garlic or mirrors. Make your mind up guys, which kind of creature are you?

Dr. Robert Morgan (Price's character) is a loner for most of this film, living in his run-down house, and spending his evenings drinking while listening to music. He's basically everyone during their first year of college.

Morgan is eventually overcome with loneliness and takes in a woman he rescues called Ruth. Calling her a protagonist is a bit of a stretch, but she adds a new dimension to his character in this wonderful film based on a very important novel from 1954.

But it we told you the name of that novel, then we spoil an entry further on in this list. Be patient, we'll get there.

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