10 Greatest Ever Girl On Girl Kisses In Movie History

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzIrUBBVia4 Though it may seem like a cheap attempt to guarantee a certain box-office, or home video return for a film that might otherwise struggle, the history of the girl-girl kiss in movies is a long and illustrious one. It's not just about getting two hot girls to make out - though of course that doesn't always hurt the marketing campaigns if someone happens to let it slip ahead of release - instead, these moments have meant something more. Finally realised sexual desire for another woman is often used as the hallmark of mental anguish, and there seems to be a strong relationship between thrillers, crime and pushing two ladies together for a bit of a fumble. But then, since movies are occasionally made to appeal to the lowest common denominator, there are an awful lot of films that do use the girl-girl kiss as a spectacle to break up the action, or to save the audience having to listen to terrible dialogue from under-qualified actors. Whatever the motivation, these flashes of beauty can be amongst the most alluring images in cinema, and they deserve the same kind of treatment as any recurring trope. With that in mind, we've put together a list of the 10 most memorable girl-girl moments in movie history. Needless to say, the majority come from films made within the last twenty years, after glorious changes to censorship, and those wonderful film-makers who consciously set out to push and break boundaries made such sexy content a regular thing in mainstream films.

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