10 Greatest Ever Tom Hanks Movie Performances

His career is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get...

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Tom Hanks, or America's Dad as he is affectionately known, has had an incredible career spanning 40 years and has grossed over $11 billion at the box office with his blockbuster films. Looking back at his films it is no wonder he is likened to a father - a constant and lovable presence throughout the lives of multiple generations of cinema goers.

Hanks has made a career out of playing the everyman, a figure we all relate to, and this is the reason people feel such fondness for him and keep coming back to his films. An actor as comfortable in a goofy comedy as an Oscar calibre drama, his talent is being able to bring comedy to the darkest of moments and emotion to the silliest of films.

With a hit rate unseen in Hollywood, Hanks has churned out countless memorable performances that will outlive us all. Whether it be his early turn in screwball comedies, his multiple roles in regular collaborator Steven Spielberg's historical dramas or his recent performances as real life icons, Hanks always delivers.


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