10 Greatest Existential Warriors In Film History

Put on your philosophy hat, it's about to get nutty...

Existentialism has become a buzz word that is used as an adjective to describe anything that is brooding, moody, or enigmatic, but what does it really mean? While fittingly it's hard to put an exact definition of what existentialism is, common themes in this line of philosophical thought usually have to do with topics of an individual's freedom and particularly an individual's freedom to choose their own values. The idea of a sort of radical subjectivism, where individuals are the authors, or more appropriately for this article, the auteurs of their own life, is the core pillar that unites all strands of existentialism. An individual, no matter his or her circumstances, is always free in their mind and they must acknowledge and embrace this freedom or risk living life in a phony and inauthentic manner. What follows then is an eclectic mix of characters, some of who would be proud to stand on the highest mountaintops of the Earth and declare themselves existentialists before all of creation, and others who wouldn't have the slightest clue what the phrase "existence before essence" was referring to. All figures on this list though, whether knowingly or not, carve out their own paths on how their life proceeds and on how they define themselves on their journey. In other words, they are all quintessential existential warriors.

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