10 Greatest Guy On Guy Kisses In Movie History

Those guy on guy kisses that are essential, momentous, or worthy of discussion...

It can be assumed that most guy-on-guy kisses in film occur in two situations: 1) In a comedy: two men snogging to force the audience into an uncomfortable giggle. 2) In a film catered to an LGBT audience. Both have their place for various reasons, but most are arguably forgettable or simply gratuitous. Which is why someone had to ask what the greatest guy-on-guy kisses are. The greatest female-female kisses are well worn territory, though they may be confined to the same tired conditions listed above. So what makes a guy-on-guy kiss one of the greatest in movie history? Well, it has to mean something. It has to make a statement. It needs to stand out, but it doesn't need to be what some might call "jock shock." It has to earmark itself into film history; into the plot as pivotal, touching, or a moment of quality storytelling and characterization. This is difficult. Even in movies with gay characters and themes, a kiss isn't necessarily an instant to be etched in the collective memory of audiences. Hence why this list comes to be. The following 10 kisses are essential, momentous, or worthy of discussion. These kisses spark thoughts about sexuality, love, and what it means to be a spectator to something that is taboo to most...

Ian Tilman Nichols is a film reviewer and enthusiast based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. You can hear more of his thoughts on films by checking out the It's Only a Podcast and Flicksation podcasts.