10 Greatest Horror Movies Villains Of The 2020s So Far

9. All The Men - Men

Terrifier 2 Art the Clown

When it was announced that A24 was going to be distributing a film in which a woman gets trapped in a village full of creepy doppelgangers, hopes were understandably high.

2022's Men ended up being alright, but not as good as people were expecting. Whilst Jessie Buckley gave an excellent performance in the lead role, the entire thing fell a little bit flat.

But let's not take anything away from Rory Kinnear, who does an amazing job playing... well, everyone.

The James Bond actor plays most of the other parts in this film, as he takes on the multiple guises of the various male inhabitants of the cursed settlement. A small village full of people who all look the same is a great idea for a horror movie, and Kinnear is talented enough to pull off each individual character with distinction and aplomb.

You could argue that he's not the real villain of the piece - a debate we'll be returning to a lot throughout this list - but the many faces of Rory Kinnear serve as the immediate threat in the movie and as its most memorable asset.

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