10 Greatest 'I'm Dead And I Know It' Moments In Supernatural Horror Movies

Those supernatural sorts who knew their fate was sealed.

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Given how so many horror movies love to amass a hefty body count, death is as commonplace as commonplace gets when it comes to this murky corner of cinema.

Of course, it's likely the slasher subgenre that comes to mind when thinking of those horror efforts that offer up a truly ludicrous amount of dead bodies, but plenty of other subgenres of horror are brimming with carnage and kills. And like the title here suggests, the focus this time out is all about supernatural horror pictures.

From haunted houses, to demonic presences, to corrupted souls and even the Grim Reaper himself (hey, Final Destination fans!), supernatural films can cause quite the terror for an audience - and quite the bloody brutality for the characters who find themselves in such movies.

For some of those characters death obviously comes a-calling, yet for a select few, rather than a surprise demise, they manage to have that stark hit of awareness and reality as they see their fate on the horizon.

With that in mind, then, here are ten such supernatural horror characters who had that desperate realisation that they were about to kick the bullet.

10. Final Destination 2

Lights Out
New Line Cinema

For poor Evan Lewis of Final Destination 2, the image here is the moment he realised a fire escape ladder was about to crush his face in.

Played by David Paetkau, Evan is one of the many characters to have initially cheated death in the Final Destination franchise... only to then have the Grim Reaper come knocking on their door.

If winning the lottery wasn't already fortunate enough for Evan, he was one of those who was spared from the Route 23 pile-up that opened Final Destination 2. Not quite as lucky for the character, he would then be the first of these survivors killed off.

In one of the more memorable, tense deaths of the five-movie (and counting...) series, Evan's demise is teased as noodles stark to spark in his microwave after a fridge magnet falls in them, as he gets his hand stuck in his sink's garbage disposal unit, as his frying pan catches fire, as said pan is accidentally knocked over, and as his windows become locked while his apartment catches fire.

Managing to break those windows with a fire extinguisher, we see Evan escape to the sidewalk and take a moment to relax - just to see a fire escape ladder land through his eye.


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