10 Greatest James Bond Themes In The History of the Franchise

10. Nobody Does It Better (from "The Spy Who Loved Me") - Carly Simon

At face value, Carly Simon is one of those singer/songwriters that doesn€™t exactly scream €œJames Bond€. (Especially if one were to recall a certain song about an unnamed Hollywood celebrity that did her wrong.) Nevertheless, Simon€™s acidic lyrics were not present and instead we were treated to a love ballad proclaiming that 007 was indeed the best of all lovers and protectors. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQAbATYWrVY&feature=fvst One of the more easy going openings to a Bond film, the song eschewed action and tension for a rather tender prelude to a film about a shipping magnate€™s quest to spark a world war. Not to mention, it introduced a man with metal teeth who would menace James Bond in not only one, but two separate outings. Somehow though, it works; and it's a song that has been used in multiple tributes to the Bond legacy. Listeners are advised to stick with the Carly Simon title sequence version and avoid the rather campy reprise at the end of the film. Unless, of course, the listener is seeking out a quick laugh. (Marvin Hamlisch, what hath thou wrought?!) Fun fact: this is the second James Bond title song to be nominated for a Best Song Oscar. The first?
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