10 Greatest Opening Scenes In Sci-Fi Movie History

9. Welcome To Arrakis - Dune

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And while on the subject of utterly awe-inspiring introductions to exciting new worlds, Denis Villeneuve wasted absolutely no time when it came to blowing the minds of all in attendance back when Dune: Part One was released in 2021.

Opening on the sound of Zendaya's Chani telling viewers about how stunning her planet of Arrakis looks when the sun is low, a magnificent visual of that very desert world gives folks a glimpse of the spectacular universe they're about to be completely immersed in.

That peaceful spice field is soon pulverised by the colossal, intimidating contraptions used by the "outsiders" to mine the Freman's home, though, as the ferocious Harkonnens maraud into frame, led by the unsettling and monstrous Dave Bautista as Glossu Rabban.

A staggeringly dazzling showdown between those two factions soon ensues.

And the sight of Freman emerging from the dust to stab these invaders, the occasional flicker of piercing light amid the sands as ships are gunned out of the sky, and shots of the big bad Harkonnen ultimately being forced to leave the planet in their extraordinary vehicles all set the tone for the vast and routinely sensational sci-fi epic that was about to unfold.

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