10 Greatest Religious Horror Movies Of All Time

The horrors of hell are present in all of these films.

Screen Gems

There are a plethora of ideologies in the world that lead to some great horror concepts. The dark and macabre surrounds us everywhere, and no matter how positive or influential an idea may be, there will always be a dark side to it.

Religion is something that bears a huge potential for horror. The thought of an existence beyond our own makes for some hauntingly existential images, and these have come across very well in film. Projects that lend focus to the darker aspects of this guiding belief have plenty of variety and scope to generate scares.

For many, this is a faith that builds the foundation of how they live their life and thus creating a terrifying feature from it feels truthful to them. On the other hand, those who don't subscribe to it can be horrified at the images and ideas that it presents.

Whether these films choose to depict it as fact or just influence is irrelevant, as all of them employ the belief system to create brilliant movies that rank as some of the best in the genre.


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