10 Greatest Sacrifices In Horror Movie History

Finding the heroism in all the horror.

30 Days Of Night
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The world of the horror genre can be a grim, unforgiving place. Often vehicles for wince-worthy violence or sudden untimely ends for seemingly main characters, the horror genre rarely gives its inhabitants a break.

It is this deeply unfair playing field that the genre sets out for itself that make it such a treasure trove for scenes in which people faced with unspeakable evil or unsurmountable odds make the ultimate sacrifice for the good of those around them.

These moments, of course, exist in other types of films, but the horror genre often does it better than most, due to the overwhelming sense of futility and abject horror rife throughout their narratives. The films often explore the worst elements of humanity or society and plays on those fears to make audiences uneasy or scared.

Therefore it warms the heart to see one of those characters trapped in this merciless playground to take the plunge and prove that humanity's inherent goodness is still alive and kicking. Whether successful or senseless, these are some of the great, selfless sacrifices made by characters in horror films.

10. Child's Play 3

30 Days Of Night

The Chuckie-centric Child's Play franchise has always walked that fine line between silly and scary since its inception in 1988. 1991's third instalment perhaps crosses that line into silly territory more than the rest, but that doesn't mean it's without an emotionally charged moment or two.

In the midst of the school's annual 'war-games' serial-killer possessed Chucky begins causing havoc by introducing live rounds to the festivities. This causes the red and blue team to turn on each other, and then - too distracted by their arguments - they all fail to realise that the evil doll has chucked a live grenade in their midst.

All, that is, except poor Whitehurst, who has been cowering away from the conflict up until this point. Recognising the danger, Whitehurst leaps up and flings himself onto the live grenade to protect his friends - blowing himself to smithereens in the process.

Child's Play is a fairly ridiculous watch in all honesty, but this moment stands out in the film for the heroism shown by the previously scared stiff Whitehurst, and certainly adds some drama to a horror that is often tough to take seriously.


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