10 Greatest Unspoken Movie Plot Points

9. Louis/Marlon's Guilt Has Made Him An Alcoholic - The Truman Show

Brad Pitt Inglourious Basterds

The Truman Show is a fantastic film jam-packed with subtle allusions to the sinister wider operations of the titular reality TV enterprise. One of the film's most fascinating characters is Louis Coltrane (Noah Emmerich), who plays Truman's (Jim Carrey) childhood friend Marlon.

Louis has been a paid actor on the show since his youth, and the final cut of the film keeps it fairly ambiguous as to how genuinely he regards Truman.

However, various deleted scenes and cut elements from the script paint a much more complex portrait of Louis, as a man who feels considerable guilt for his part in duping Truman, and even lets Truman go after capturing him during his famous escape attempt.

But there's one aspect in the film that slyly hints at Louis' guilt - his drinking.

Though Louis is frequently seen with a beer for the sake of product placement, according to actor Emmerich Louis has suffered with substance abuse throughout his time on the show, with several of his more extended absences being due to various stints in rehab.

And so, for Louis to have to continually shill for booze must be extremely painful, regardless of whether or not the production has surreptitiously provided him with non-alcoholic substitutes to preventing him from relapsing.


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