10 Greatest Water-Based Scenes In Movie History

7. The Whole Film - Open Water (2003)

open water 2

2003's independent film Open Water, inspired by a true story, was made for only $500,000. It tells the story of a couple on vacation who go scuba diving, but are mistakenly left by their tour boat. They are stranded in the paradoxical claustrophobia of the vast ocean. Though the entire movie itself could qualify as a prolonged water scene, there are certain moments in the film that punctuate it with extra tension. The couple, Daniel and Susan, gradually begin to lose hope of being rescued. As their despair increases, they start believing aquatic creatures are bumping into them. They're wearing wetsuits which cover their lower extremities; are they being nipped at by sharks or other oceanic vermin not seen in the darkness of the water around them? These moments themselves don't give the jump-out-of-your-seat scares like some other sea villains, but there's enough heart-racing suspense to earn a spot on this list.
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